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October 19, 2016 / Jennifer Carole

2016 Forrester WAVE Report Includes Bromium as Endpoint Solution for Serious Security

  • Based on client interest, Bromium was selected as one of the top 15 endpoint security vendors to be reviewed out of a field of over 60.
  • While Forrester acknowledges we are a bit different than their field of competitors – we don’t offer a security suite – they felt compelled to evaluate us.
  • The criteria used for assessment followed mainstream functionality so it’s natural we appear as an outlier since our solution is radically different and extremely effective.

endpoint-army-webinar-adFor anyone that understands our security platform, you know we don’t exactly “fit” most endpoint security models because we solve the endpoint security problem differently. With that in mind, we are thrilled to be included in today’s The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. We made the cut and we don’t even have a suite! That’s because we don’t believe you need one.

Learn more: Bromium Platform Overview

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October 17, 2016 / Fraser Kyne

Data Loss Prevention Comes Free with Bromium

  • Bromium does more than provide powerful isolation protection for endpoints and servers.
  • We provide DLP controls that can help you strengthen your security.
  • At no additional cost, you can apply quite granular policy around the ingress and egress of files and clipboard operations.

data-loss-preventionIn a simple sense, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is designed to protect you from the inside-out; by stopping the egress of data by users. When using microvirtualization the main goal is to protect from the outside-in; by isolating untrusted code execution.

Watch: How Bromium Works At-A-Glance (video)

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October 12, 2016 / Jennifer Carole

Come See Us at the Gartner ITxpo 2016 in Orlando

  • We’ll be at the ITxpo and we’d love to see you.
  • Our booth is #1044 – stop by and check out our demo or take a selfie.

gartner-sym-2016Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is the industry’s most strategic conference for CIOs and senior IT executives. We’d love to have you stop by the booth and get a quick demo showing how Bromium contains malware – stopping things like ransomware in its tracks. We’ll also show you how our Sensor Network puts your endpoints to work – creating an army to protect your network.

If you can’t make the show, you can register for our upcoming webinar “Activate Your Endpoint Army” that will show you how Bromium puts all the pieces together to turn endpoints into a strategic advantage.

Register today!

October 10, 2016 / Jennifer Carole

Creating a Bromium Culture in IT Management Means Stress-Free Security

  • Educating users is of prime importance but you can’t assume that will ever be enough; you need strong technology defenses as well.
  • Only Bromium can effectively isolate your IT systems from today’s cyber threats. Knowing how to integrate us into your IT management practices can deliver real peace of mind.
  • Once your team understands how Bromium works, they can rest easy and focus on other things.

it-managersAs an IT Security professional, it’s your job to keep people from doing dumb things online. They know the Internet is a dangerous place. They’ve been told of the need to stay safe online. They’ve suffered computer viruses in the past. And they’ve heard that businesses are losing millions every year to cyber criminals.

But what do they do as a result?

They make mistakes. Despite regular warnings about cyber security, the average worker still uses weak passwords, visits unsafe sites and opens dodgy attachments. What can you do to avoid this?

Watch: Demo showing how we defeat ransomware.

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October 7, 2016 / Jennifer Carole

Let Employees Listen to Spotify! We Say Shake It Off!

  • Spotify “freemium” users were hit with malware this week; they report the malvertising problem has been fixed.
  • The incident highlights how incredibly easy it is to get infected.
  • It’s a great example of why isolation technology (like ours) eliminates these issues.

spotifyMusic has become as common in the workplace as the water cooler (or I guess, that’s a hydration station these days). Employees listen to iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify and if they are using the free version, they are being shown ads. Ads that are served directly to the desktops inside your network. Bringing the risk right to your corporate doorstep.

Learn more: how Bromium isolates threats.

We heard it through the grapevine.

In an article on, they report this isn’t the first time Spotify has had this problem; “a similar issue affected the software in 2011.” Based on our research in 2015, our threat sensors found over a quarter of the Alexa 1000 websites were delivering Read more…

October 5, 2016 / Gavin Hill

Endpoint Security that Doesn’t Slow Down Your Computer

  • Installing new software impacts the speed and performance of your machine.
  • Endpoint security is often criticized for being a culprit.
  • Bromium software not only offers amazing protection but can also free up system resources.


It’s no secret. When you install software on your machine, you expect some type of additional impact on system resources. Security software is no exception. In fact there are a number of blogs on how to tweak endpoint security software to minimize the performance impact.

Watch: How Bromium Works – At-A-Glance 

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October 4, 2016 / Jennifer Carole

Microsoft, Virtualization-Based Security and Simon Crosby – We’ve Got It All!

  • Microsoft will be including virtualization-based security in their upcoming WDAG release to secure their Edge browser.
  • This on-demand webinar shows how you can get VBS now for Windows 7, 8 and 10 with our platform.
  • Stop worrying about end-users, downloads, apps, and browsers, instead, let it run in a micro-VM and get the intelligence, not the damage.

msft-wdag-webinar-sept-2016-jcSimon Crosby, co-founder of Bromium and our Chief Technology Officer, discussed Microsoft’s upcoming release and what this means for enterprise security.

Learn more: Get the Microsoft/Bromium Enterprise Security Partnership White Paper

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September 30, 2016 / Jennifer Carole

Our Expert Explains Why Ransomware is Taking Off (video)

  • Our head researcher, Chief Architect and EVP, Rahul Kashyap explains why ransomware suddenly emerged as a top threat.
  • Users click on links, download malware by accident or open documents that infect their computers because they just don’t understand the risk.
  • Watch this webinar to learn what you can do to stop attacks and contain malware.

brlabs-threat-report-h1-2016-coverOn September 28, we hosted a webinar featuring Rahul Kashyap where he discussed our 1H 2016 Threat Report and the implications for our overall cyber security health.

90-second Demo: Bromium stops ransomware.

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September 27, 2016 / Gavin Hill

Microsoft VBS Announcement is Good News – With a Few Caveats

  • Microsoft is enhancing Windows 10 using VBS to secure their Edge browser.
  • You should understand access to the new security is limited – are you in “the club”?
  • It’s easy to start getting the benefits of VBS right now. It’s what we do.

microsoft-edge-surface-pro-3Microsoft’s security enhancement to Windows 10 using virtualization-based security (VBS) that hardware isolates their Edge browser is exciting news. It validates what we pioneered (and have multiple patents for) years ago.

But if you’re thinking about taking advantage of the new VBS features, there are some considerations that you should take into account.

Limited applicability means you still need to be careful.

I think it’s wonderful that Microsoft has introduced virtualization-base security in Windows 10. But, you have to be part of the Enterprise of Education license club to take advantage of this new functionality. If you were thinking that you could enable VBS on your home Windows machines, sorry, that’s not how it works.

Read it: Microsoft & Bromium Strengthen Enterprise Security Whitepaper

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September 26, 2016 / Simon Crosby

Microsoft and Bromium Partner on Enterprise Security

  • Today Microsoft announced Virtualization-Based Security and micro-virtualization as a means to hardware isolate apps.
  • That’s good news for customers, who are often let down by security vendors that over-promise and under-deliver.
  • There is a better path forwards – making systems fundamentally more secure by design without relying on the silly notion that it is possible to detect attackers before they strike.

avghostBromium and Microsoft partnered in 2015 to build on a shared vision to use micro-virtualization to massively improve Windows endpoint security. As a result, Windows 10 already benefits from the hardware-enforced isolation as a core system security capability. This is an update on our partnership, introducing an important addition that promises to deliver substantial security benefits.

Get the Tech Lowdown: Microsoft and Bromium Partnership White Paper

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