2016 Forrester WAVE Report Includes Bromium as Endpoint Solution for Serious Security

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  • Based on client interest, Bromium was selected as one of the top 15 endpoint security vendors to be reviewed out of a field of over 60.
  • While Forrester acknowledges we are a bit different than their field of competitors – we don’t offer a security suite – they felt compelled to evaluate us.
  • The criteria used for assessment followed mainstream functionality so it’s natural we appear as an outlier since our solution is radically different and extremely effective.

For anyone that understands our security platform, you know we don’t exactly “fit” most endpoint security models because we solve the endpoint security problem differently. With that in mind, we are thrilled to be included in today’s The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016. We made the cut and we don’t even have a suite! That’s because we don’t believe you need one.


Learn more: Bromium Platform Overview

We don’t talk about protection and remediation the way the others do: we use a combination of our patented hardware-enforced containerization and a distributed Sensor Network to protect across all major threat vectors and attack types. Contextual real-time detection provides detailed threat analysis of the entire kill chain and defeat cyber-attacks. That’s the snapshot.

Watch: We destroy ransomware

And here’s the real distinction: unlike traditional security solutions that rely on prevention techniques to try identify IOCs (indicators of compromise), we let the malware run.

Yep, you heard us right, we let those suckers run – in patented, hardware-isolated micro-VMs to protect your organization. We protect you from all attack vectors by running each untrusted task or app in its own micro-VM and it won’t infect the host. When the task is closed the malware along with the micro-VM is destroyed. There is no need for remediation because the host was never infected. This has worked so well our customers have already used over 1 billion micro-VMs and not one has reported a breach. Ever.

Better yet, we also provide a full kill chain map based in the introspection of the micro-VM and then use that to hunt on the rest of the network for systems where the malware may be dormant. Now you can see why we don’t really fit the old detect, protect, respond model that’s been the old way of managing cyber security. We don’t envy the Forrester team trying to somehow get us to fit into a model that’s dated and less effective – but they worked hard to include us because they believe we are a contender.

Not only are we ahead of our time, we believe we are the answer.

We’d love to talk to you about your business and how Bromium can help you relax, get real immediate value and bring true security to your enterprise. Please contact us for a meeting and we’ll show you how easy it’s done.

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