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Today is a proud day for Bromium.  We have announced the availability of our first product, vSentry.

vSentry is the product of a year and a half of innovation by a team of 50 of the world’s best systems engineers. Some of us are virtualization veterans, having helped build the Xen® hypervisor, while others have pioneered security research and development at the major security vendors. This team has had the vision to imagine and the skill to produce a product that will revolutionize enterprise security, and in so doing enable IT to empower users in ways that prior to today were unthinkable.

I wanted to use this opportunity to invite you to imagine a new kind of enterprise – an enterprise whose infrastructure and information is secure, simply by design, and that as a result can empower its employees without risk, inspire confidence on the part of its customers and partners, and use the latest applications and technologies to deliver value to its stakeholders.

Bromium is committed to delivering products that will enable our enterprise customers to achieve this vision. vSentry marks an important first step, and it is this vision that fuels our excitement about the profound revolution that our technology has the potential to unlock.

Imagine if your computer systems could automatically and robustly defeat undetectable attacks, and ensure that enterprise data and networks were always protected – as a fundamental architectural property of the system – “by design”.  It would transform your organization’s ability to innovate, collaborate with partners and adopt new applications and cloud based services.  Without risk.  This may seem impossible, but at Bromium we are beginning to deliver on this promise.

Today, compliance and security concerns demand overt, intrusive controls over users, applications, data and devices, and we are still not secure. The risk from advanced cyber threats to our complex IT environments appears practically unfathomable. But, what if your computer systems could proactively protect the enterprise and users even when they click on malicious web links, documents, or media, or use untrustworthy networks. And what if your systems could automatically provide real-time insights into every attempted attack. You would remain compliant and your security teams could focus on business needs, instead of continuously reinstalling Windows and hunting down attackers deep in the enterprise infrastructure.

You could use your insights into an attack’s origins, techniques, and targets to fortify your defenses and increase costs for your adversary. You would completely eliminate the need for desktop remediation – so users would stay productive – and be confident that your PCs and mobile devices were protected and secure – even if they haven’t been patched.  You would patch to deliver new functionality – not out of fear.

And you could safely embrace mobility, use SaaS and cloud based apps, and allow your users to use the social web without any risk to security or compliance.

Bromium knows how to make this vision real.  We invite you to join us as we commence our journey toward an enterprise that is more secure – by design.

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