Bring it. Yes, your worst malware. Win £10K.

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At Bromium we are getting a little tired of the “unbelievable” claims of Next-Gen AV vendors selling the modern day equivalent of snake-oil.  So we decided to invite you to help.  We invite you to bypass Bromium and other endpoint protection products at  Infosecurity Europe 2016.  If you can break them, you get applause and a gift card.  (We do it all the time.)  If you breach an endpoint protected by Bromium you’ll get  £10,000 and we’ll put out a press release thanking you for your heroic efforts and congratulating you on your hack.

We’re going to sweeten the pot a bit:  You can bring whatever you’d like, or email it to us, or download it at the show.  No protection products or filters will stand in your way.  Better still, the PCs in our stand are unpatched Windows 7 devices with vulnerable Java, Flash and Office apps so you can be sure your exploit will run.  We’re even publishing the technical specs of the endpoints you need to breach, here.

I want to be clear that we don’t think our product is “unbelievable” or even unbreakable.  It’s just damn good.   It will take a hero like you to bypass Bromium, and we want to celebrate the heroes that work to keep enterprises secure – even though you have to use products from vendors that promise to secure you, but don’t.

We’d also like to ask you a favor: We’d like you to bring your own malware, and to challenge us and every other vendor at InfoSec to run it, on the spot.  If they won’t, simply say “unbelievable” and head on back to Bromium for your gift card, and pat on the back.  I’ll buy you a pint and we can exchange war stories from the front lines of infosec.

You Already Have Next-Gen AV – and it isn’t working

Today, more than 99% of malware morphs into new, undetectable variants in under a minute, making it impossible to detect before it executes.  Vendors that say otherwise are simply lying. The cybersecurity industry continues to peddle false promises and failed technologies  that don’t protect customers from today’s attacks. Our goal with the Bromium Bring-Your-Own-Malware Challenge is twofold. First, allow IT security professions to see for themselves the mind-blowing protection that micro-virtualization offers. We also want to shine a bright light on the false claims of other endpoint vendors, whose ‘detect to protect’ promises are bogus.

To participate, stop by the Bromium stand at InfoSec Europe (B220) with malware  of your choosing or participate remotely by uploading the malware to our servers. Bromium will also provide real-time analysis of submitted malware to help you understand its methods and vulnerabilities. For technical details and conditions of the challenge please visit


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