Creating a Bromium Culture in IT Management Means Stress-Free Security

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  • Educating users is of prime importance but you can’t assume that will ever be enough; you need strong technology defenses as well.
  • Only Bromium can effectively isolate your IT systems from today’s cyber threats. Knowing how to integrate us into your IT management practices can deliver real peace of mind.
  • Once your team understands how Bromium works, they can rest easy and focus on other things.

As an IT Security professional, it’s your job to keep people from doing dumb things online. They know the Internet is a dangerous place. They’ve been told of the need to stay safe online. They’ve suffered computer viruses in the past. And they’ve heard that businesses are losing millions every year to cyber criminals.

But what do they do as a result?

They make mistakes. Despite regular warnings about cyber security, the average worker still uses weak passwords, visits unsafe sites and opens dodgy attachments. What can you do to avoid this?

Watch: Demo showing how we defeat ransomware.

We talked with Lee Hutchinson, our IT manager at Bromium, and he knows the challenge. “Naturally, you shouldn’t stop hammering home the need for IT security best practice in the workforce,” he said. “But relying on human beings to secure your networks is nothing but a headache. That’s why Bromium removes the risk of human error from the equation, and gives the power back to IT.”

Bromium delivers a different approach aimed at making the job of IT management easier.

Most IT security systems work to protect with varying degrees of success (largely via detection). But Bromium has a different approach: we isolate the malware on a single host – every link, site, app or other digital touchpoint is given its own, secure enclave. The malware is contained in it’s own virtual machine and any malicious behavior information is shared with other hosts on the network; turning desktops into an army of protection.

It’s been years of hard work, including working with an early customer with whom we learned lots – and now after 5 years and over 30 patents granted (with more than than that in the hopper) we have something that works – it just works to protect your machines and data from bad guys. Our own IT guys reap the benefits every day.

“Working at Bromium has been a very different experience for me. Because it works so well, I have a level of security I’ve never had anywhere else. That translates into peace of mind for me and for my staff,” he explains.

The Bromium Culture shifts the focus for IT management.

Once Bromium is deployed, you’ll find it is more powerful and effective than any standard IT security system. “Instead of spending our time fixing or re-imaging comprised machines,” Lee says, “my IT team can spend their time on more important issues while educating end users about how to use Bromium and what to expect. Yes, even here we spend time educating and we find once end users understand the value of their participation, they are willing to take an extra step to keep us protected.”

We are what you might call ‘an IT security person’s IT security system’, Bromium’s platform designed from the bottom up for companies that take protection from cyber threats seriously. The key to success is believing in the power of the platform and then sharing that commitment with end users throughout the organization (read Lee’s five steps for end user success).

“When my IT team is able to enthusiastically support the value of keeping the company secure, their interactions with end users shift to one of shared responsibility,” Lee concludes.

If that sounds like your organization, then contact us to find out more.We’re serious about security.

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