Crosby on the Real Hacking Risks for the US Election

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  • We’ve taken elections for granted for our entire lives. We vote, we go home and we watch the returns on television.
  • But with technology becoming part of the process, does that mean we putting democracy at risk or improving the opportunity for everyone to have a better chance at participating?
  • And will Russia hack our elections and render us a hot mess of contention and finger-pointing?

Our CTO and co-founder of Bromium, Simon Crosby, tackled the subject of hacking via a BrightTalk lecture (this is a mainstream talk – you don’t have to be a techie to appreciate).

Watch: BrightTalk login required

According to Simon, “The US election and its voting infrastructure are under attack. The result is ugly and shows the extent to which we need to plan for and protect against the influence of cyber-related attacks on US elections in future.”

Who might tamper with our elections, why might they tamper and what might it mean? Ballot stuffing has plagued voting since voting began. In this brief discussion, he reviews the underpinnings of democracy, and how we might defend it when it is in everyone’s interest to subvert it.

Meanwhile, if you want to be “in the know” and follow someone who’s always weighing in with his opinion, follow @simoncrosby on Twitter.

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