Cyber Drug Wars and Inside the Web of Profit | Exclusive Bromium Research

In early 2017, we set off to understand what’s really happening with cybersecurity – especially when it comes to the end user. We called it The Cyber Drug Wars.

Often considered the weakest link in any security stack, end users have been held accountable in varying degrees by both the public and private sector in an effort to limit cyber attacks. We likened this kind of thinking to what we saw in the drug wars of the 80s and 90s. That’s when the push was to arrest the corner drug pusher to create some sort of enforced prohibition, that mostly resulted in a number of dealers going to jail, new dealers replacing the old and the drug cartels rarely being affected. Instead, we recommend using endpoint security that doesn’t put the onus on end users. In fact, it allows them to click with confidence because whatever threat tries to download to the endpoint, it is contained and unable to infect the host or the network. 

We are wrapping up this 18 month journey with Inside the Web of Profit: a comprehensive research project conducted by Dr. Michael McGuire of University of Surrey. The report will be available on April 20, in conjunction with Dr. McGuire’s speaking session as RSAC. He will be attending RSAC and is available for interviews during the event (contact cathy.oneill at to schedule).

Research timeline for Cyber Drug WarsInside the Web of Profit
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