Discover Security Threats, Speed Deployment and Get More Value (Infographic)

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  • The Bromium Endpoint Security and Risk Assessment is here to help you move quickly to stop ransomware and zero-day threats.
  • Our zero-day infographic (below) highlights the threats and the value of isolation.
  • We have a money-back guarantee when no risks identified or price is credited to your purchase. It’s a win-win.

Our new risk assessment lets you rapidly determine how your organization will benefit from virtualization-based security and identifies the top risks within existing security defenses. If the assessment doesn’t identify any risks, we’ll refund the fee.

Get the brief: Risk Assessment details

“Protecting end-users’ devices is a crucial step for breach prevention. Unfortunately, organizations often pursue piecemeal endpoint security strategies based on an incomplete picture of their devices and employees’ actual behavior and the associated security risks they generate,” said Gavin Hill, Bromium’s Vice President of Product and Strategy.

“Our assessment alleviates deployment and ROI concerns by showing customers their true security posture ‘before and after’ the assessment. Whether malware avoids detection for hours or months, it presents severe dangers on the endpoint. With our security-conscious installed base of global customers, we find that next-generation anti-virus tools don’t catch everything and it only takes one compromise for a company to get owned.”

The Bromium Risk Assessment helps organizations improve their endpoint security and breach prevention by finding previously unknown security risks, uncovering malware evading traditional defenses. Customers currently using Bromium are protected from zero-day threats (see infographic below) and it works as a catch-all when next gen anti-virus fails.

Conducted by Bromium’s professional services team and channel partners, the assessment offers superior value compared to traditional consulting and implementation services that place a larger burden on organizations. This should be an easy decision for security leaders because Bromium refunds the cost of assessment services when no security threats are discovered and credits service fees toward customers’ purchase of enterprise deployments. Download the Risk Assessment brieftoday.


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