Earthquake Prevention System (EPS)

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Bromium Researchers working out of our Geneva, Switzerland office – have found an incredible way to prevent earthquakes. This ground breaking technology will be demonstrated live in the next CERN (Center for Emergency Response Now) meeting. The technology has been labeled – the ‘earth-o-visor’. Below are some details of the technology and excerpts that I managed to get out of one of the discoverers.

earth core

                                                                   Fig1 `

The core technology leverages VT-x (Very Tough) plates that go all the way till the orange color into the center of the earth.  Per prior research and several failures on this topic, it practically needed an ARM and a leg to get to the real core. There have been reports of people using AV (Audio Video) tools and some even underwent HIPS surgery in the quest.  This technology simply isolates the various earthquake prone components of the earth and ensures that earthlings are protected by preventing the earthquake by isolation. Yes, this breakthrough could mean no more earthquake drills for mankind.

The other great benefits of this technology are that now LAVA eruptions can be controlled just by isolating the threat of earthquakes using the ‘earth-o-visor’. One of the most interesting tools used in this experiment was IDA Pro (Interactive Digger & Analyzer). As per the scientists, this helped them to reach all the way till the most important orange part (as illustrated in fig 1).

Rough illustration of IDA Pro is below (we’re still trying to get the exact specs)


I had a brief chat with Dr Xbee to congratulate him on this major breakthrough. He simply said: ‘This time it wasn’t the Apple fall that motivated me…. rather I would thank Java for this stunning discovery. I was looking at my Windows, sipping my old cup of Java and that’s when it all happened”

We talked to several experts in the industry and asked what would they call this groundbreaking technology? The most truthful answer so far has been ‘Zen’.

More details are expected to be released on April 1st 2013.

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