Hey, We’re a “Cool Vendor”! Wait, What Does That Really Mean?

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Every year, Gartner designates a select number of companies as “Cool Vendors” in their respective market categories.  This year, I’m proud to say that Bromium has joined this elite group and been named as a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2013.

Very cool, indeed.  But what does that really mean?

Gartner’s criteria for selection is very clear, and it comes down to 3 specific requirements.  Let’s take a quick look at each one and see how Bromium stacks up.

1) Is it Innovative, enabling users to do things they couldn’t do before?

Absolutely. Simply stated, Bromium enables users to enjoy complete Internet freedom, regardless of where they are working.  Users can now visit any website, download any document, and open any email attachment without fear of being the victim of a cyber attack.

This unprecedented level of user freedom might cause a bit of discomfort to IT organizations.  After all, IT normally applies stringent security controls that tend to restrict or limit user freedom on untrusted networks like the Internet. But Bromium’s innovations eliminate the need for any restrictions, while also strengthening endpoint security.  How is that possible? It’s because vSentry automatically creates hardware-isolated containers for each and every task performed on untrusted networks, without any impact on user experience or performance.  As a result, vSentry delivers 100% protection against all known and unknown malware, APTs, and zero-day attacks – all without relying on outdated detection technologies.

2) Is it Impactful, enabling greater value to the performance of the business?

As noted above, the ability to effectively – and safely – leverage the power of the Internet is critical to the productivity, growth, and success of every business in today’s global economy.  In that context, Bromium’s impact on the business is significant, here’s why. The new generation of users entering the workforce has grown up with the Internet and represents an incredibly valuable corporate asset in today’s Internet-powered enterprise.  These users are the innovators of the new enterprise.  They understand very well how to leverage every possible application, tool and resource to save time, reduce costs, and deliver maximum value to the business. Bromium empowers these users with the freedom to improve business performance.

In addition, Bromium has a positive impact on IT staff in a couple ways.  First, there is less urgency to resolve critical endpoint security concerns – such as Windows vulnerabilities, Java exploits, PDF infections, email attachments, or malicious web content.  To be clear, these are all still important challenges that need to be addressed, but they will not impact the security of endpoints where vSentry is deployed.  In addition, IT no longer has to deal with desktop remediation simply because vSentry prevents these resources from being infected.  Eliminating the need for remediation – which Gartner estimates at about $650 per laptop – can save significant time and tens of thousands of dollars each year in IT operations costs.  This obviously has a significant impact on the performance of IT and the bottom-line of the business.

3) Is it Intriguing, has it caught our interest or curiosity over the last several months?

Obviously, we did catch the interest of Gartner, which is why we were selected as a Cool Vendor.  But why Bromium?  I don’t want to speak for Gartner, but I do know that they do a great job tracking requirements, issues, and pain points among their enterprise clients, while also tracking strategies, products, and innovations from the vendor community.  On the enterprise client side, I’m guessing Gartner has been hearing what we have been hearing – endpoint security is fundamentally broken and detection-based security technologies simply don’t work well.  Bromium’s approach to endpoint security is not evolutionary; it is truly revolutionary.  No other vendor is doing what we are doing and, to the best of our knowledge, no other endpoint security solution provides 100% protection against all known and unknown malware attacks.  I can see why Gartner considers that “intriguing.”   And it might be why they included this comment in their Cool Vendor report:

“Consider Bromium if your organization is looking for innovative ways to protect against advanced targeted attacks.”

We are grateful to Gartner for recognizing Bromium as a Cool Vendor that is innovative, impactful, and intriguing.  Now we’d like to demonstrate these same qualities in your enterprise.  If you have not yet experienced the power of Bromium, let’s get started!

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