HP Sure Click – End User Help
HP EliteBook with HP Sure Click

What is HP Sure Click?

HP Sure Click secures your computer when you browse the Internet.

When Sure Click is installed, it opens websites in a micro-VM (virtual machine). The micro-VM acts as a container that prevents malware from infecting your computer. Sure Click protects your computer every time you open a website because the activity is contained inside the micro-VM. If the site tries to infect your computer with malicious code, it will be contained within the micro-VM. This means your laptop will not be infected. If you see malware attempting to run, close the browser tab to destroy the malware and end the micro-VM session.

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Installing Sure Click

During installation, required files are copied to the laptop and registry settings for your computer are created. After your computer reboots, the initialization process will start. You can browse securely when the initialization is complete.

The initialization process allows Sure Click capture your computer’s current system state, so that the micro-VMs have identical operating system settings. If you change your computer’s operating system specs, Sure Click can easily be initialized. This is done automatically the next time your system is idle.

To install Sure Click:

  1. Download the softpaq.
  2. Double-click the HPSureClickSetup.msi file.
  3. Save your work and close applications, then click Continue & Reboot.
  4. Click Next on the first install screen.
  5. Enter or browse to the location in which you need to install Sure Click. The default location is C:\Program Files\HP\Sure Click. Click Next.
  6. By default, Enable cloud-based updates is unchecked. If you want to automatically keep your Sure Click software up-to-date, check this box. Click Next.
  7. On the User Account Control dialogue box, click Yes to continue the installation.
  8. Click Reboot on the last screen. Your computer will restart.

Both Internet Explorer and HP Secure Browser sessions are protected by Sure Click. You can type Sure Click in the Windows search bar and click the icon in the search results. Once you launch the HP Secure Browser, right-click the HP Sure Click Secure Browser icon (located in the taskbar) and select Pin to taskbar to easily find it going forward. All browsing sessions in either Internet Explorer or HP Sure Click Secure Browser are protected.

The exception is when a site is either trusted in real time or in the trusted list (see About Trusted Sites below to learn about trusted versus untrusted sites.)

HP Sure Click Desktop Console

The HP Sure Click icon is located in the SysTray, typically on the lower right area of your computer. To turn HP Sure Click on or off, right-click on the icon. You can also launch the HP Sure Click Desktop Console. When the icon is green, the application is working. When the icon is grey, the application is off. When HP Sure Click is off, your browsing sessions are not protected; they will not be running in a protected micro-VM.

HP Sure Click Live Console
This is the console and where you can see your System Status.


The Desktop Console opens on the Status page. This page contains the health status of HP Sure Click. If the application is in an error state, an error message is displayed. The Security status displays how many web pages were safely opened in micro-VMs since HP Sure Click was installed. The Enable and Disable button is used to switch HP Sure Click on or off. The Micro-VMs counter displays how many micro-VMs are currently open.


This page contains all the configurations available for HP Sure Click.  Use Advanced Configuration to isolate websites in micro-VMs. If the site does not function as expected, you can disable this feature to exclude it from HP Sure Click protection.  Cloud-Based Updates allow HP to understand threat behavior and identify new threats as soon as they appear.

The Advanced Configuration window.

About Trusted Sites

  • Trusted sites (websites that are known not to contain malicious software) will not open in a micro-VM. Some trusted web sites require elevated access to your operating system. In these rare cases, the site must be run without a micro-VM.
  • Internet Explorer offers different security zone lists that can be defined. When you put a site into the Internet Explorer trusted zone, Internet Explorer manages the site with fewer security controls. When Trust sites in Internet Explorer trusted zone is enabled, HP Sure Click automatically inherits this list.
  • To automatically trust a website for all browsing sessions, you can use the Add Trusted Site feature to provide the domain name of the site you would like to trust (example: *.hp.com).
Trusted sites appear in this view.

Security Alerts

If a website contains malicious content it generates an entry in this page, proving that HP Sure Click has secured your computer. No action is needed when an alert is generated. When the browser tab is closed, the micro-VM is destroyed along with any malicious activity while the operating system is protected.

Security Alerts appear in this window.


The Support page includes features that might be needed when troubleshooting issues with the HP Support team. You can generate log files that can be shared with the Support team. If there are significant operating system changes, you can reinitialize Sure Click to recapture computer’s current system state.

If you call for support, you might need to access this Support window.