Infographic: The Size and Scope of Data Breaches in 2015

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Looking back at 2015, it’s clear that IT security is a real and growing concern. Just a few years ago, online retailers were the source of most security failures. Now, cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated. In 2015, cybercriminals have successfully attacked governments, hospitals and insurance companies — the organizations that store our most personal data.

With millions of records stolen in each data breach, the potential liability for companies in charge of keeping users’ personal information safe is larger than ever before. IBM’s 10th annual Cost of Data Breach Study, conducted independently by Ponemon Institute, found that the cost per stolen record has increased 6% in 2015, to a consolidated average of $154. Even more concerning is that the total average cost per breach increased by 23% to $3.8 million.

Data breaches are not limited by company size or industry. This list of large data breaches in 2015 shows the spectrum of companies being targeted.


This list of high-profile data breaches from 2015 includes more than 277 million individual user records. To put that in perspective, in 2013 just under 75% of households reported Internet use (, that’s about 240 million people.

A data breach does more than put users at risk. It erodes consumer trust and can damage a company’s reputation for years. Bromium uses isolation technology to prevent breaches, keeping company data safe from modern cyber attacks.

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