NIST Security Configuration Checklist for Bromium
  • Bromium releases a NIST Secure Configuration Checklist
  • The checklist is a set of recommendations for effective and rapid deployment of the Bromium Secure Platform 4.0 based on security best practices and specific requirements for each operating environment
  • Government agencies and other security conscious customers can use the checklist as the basic implementation guideline, and adapt and tailor it to their unique needs

Bromium is happy to announce the release of a NIST Secure Configuration Checklist for Bromium Secure Platform 4.0. NIST maintains the National Checklist Repository – a publically available resource that provides government agencies and other security conscious customers with information and recommendations on security configurations for various IT products. A security checklist (also called a lockdown or hardening guide) offers instructions for configuring products for specific operating environments and verifying that security infrastructure and tools have been set up to optimize protection against threats and performance.

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The Bromium checklist is based on both rigorous security testing and field experience from deploying Bromium to hundreds of thousands of government devices, along with millions of other devices worldwide. These recommendations are designed to be tailored by each organization to meet their specific needs and regulatory standards, but their primary goal is to share proven best practices of how to implement and configure virtualization-based security solutions for maximum protection.

Today, a growing number of government agencies are looking beyond detection-based tools and adopting application isolation and containment solutions. The Bromium checklist helps them take the guesswork out of designing the best approach to reduce the attack surface and minimize the likelihood of a breach.

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The checklist is also intended to accelerate the Bromium deployment timeline – to get effective protection against the most common attack vectors, such as phishing or malicious attachments and document downloads as rapidly as possible.

Download the most current version of the Bromium checklist from the NIST National Vulnerability Database here: and contact Bromium or request a demo of our advanced hardware-enforced virtualization security solutions.

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