Our Expert Explains Why Ransomware is Taking Off (video)

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  • Our head researcher, Chief Architect and EVP, Rahul Kashyap explains why ransomware suddenly emerged as a top threat.
  • Users click on links, download malware by accident or open documents that infect their computers because they just don’t understand the risk.
  • Watch this webinar to learn what you can do to stop attacks and contain malware.

On September 28, we hosted a webinar featuring Rahul Kashyap where he discussed our 1H 2016 Threat Report and the implications for our overall cyber security health.

90-second Demo: Bromium stops ransomware.

With Microsoft’s improvement in providing more security, hackers have made adjustments to their strategies. They are also looking for ways to cut out the middle man and drive more revenue with cyber attacks. Both of these factors lead to an increase in ransomware.

If you’d like to know more about Bromium and how we provide serious security, contact us. We’d love to know more about your pain points and take you through a demo.

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